60's glam

Love Hurts – Yeah, Yeah!

    “Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all roses and chocolates. We actually think that is kind of lame, so we decided to create a lookbook of hair + makeup + wardrobe looks that showcase all of our feels about the day dedicated to love. Love Hurts… and we wouldn’t have it any other…

Glitter Hair by Joy
Makeup by Emma


What’s our favorite thing about the holiday season? Glitter! And parties!  And glitter + parties go hand in hand.  So do us a favor, and wear Glitter Hair to all your holiday parties! Oh and PS – you can book an appointment with us here to get #GlitterHair or buy a jar of Glitter Hair…

Garnet & Smokey Amethyst Color Melt by Kayla

Gemstone HairColor

Update your pastel hair with our new favorite shades of “gem tones” – hair color inspired by crystals and gems. We’re going crazy over these deep, smokey tones., and what better way to start the season than with badass hair? Gem tone colors (ruby, emerald, sapphire, smokey amethyst and quartz) can be applied to medium…


How to grow out a pixie, crop, or lob gracefully

Some of the biggest hair trends this spring and summer involved a lot of hair chopping. Lobs, bobs, cropped cuts and even the oh-so cute Michelle Williams haircut. We love all these cuts, but what about if you’re ready to grow out your hair? Let’s be real, growing out a shorter hairstyle can be a…

Color by Chase

Fall Hair Color Update: Blonde + Brunette = Bronde

Time to update your locks for fall? It’s that time of year where everyone is wanting a change for fall/winter. You’re ready for sweaters and boots, and great hair to go along with. It doesn’t have to be major, so here are a few ideas to tweak your hair without a huge commitment!  BRONDE Yes, bronde.…

Bangs for Heart Shaped Faces

Which Bangs are right for your face shape?

We’ve all been there, the thought of bangs is an exciting, yet daunting one. There are many things that could go wrong, and if so, you’re looking forward to months of awkwardness. Any type of fringe comes with commitment, so let’s make sure you’ve got the right one for your face! There are many things…