Shop Darla the Outlaw in Lucy Pop Hair Salon

Have you heard about Darla the Outlaw?   Well, Darla the Outlaw is……

Completely and utterly unique reconstructed clothing jewelry and accessories. green. affordable. glamorous. from Alice in Wonderland to Edie Sedgwick… from Joan Jett to Barberella… from Pocahontas to Bettie Paige

and Lucy Pop Salon LOVES it!!!!!!  In fact we love it so much that we are hosting a Darla the Outlaw Trunk Show on Tuesday, March 29th from 2pm-6pm.

Drop by that day to enjoy drinks, snacks, and of course SHOP!  You know you need to update your closet for spring!

p.s.  Darla the Outlaw designer Lalie Kavulich will be at the trunk show, and we will have a very cool announcement about a Lucy Pop/Darla the Outlaw collaboration really, really soon!

Lucy Pop Hair Salon

1921 Broadway

Nashville TN 37203


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