Neon Pastel Hair Color Guide

Summer is officially here, guys! And we can tell it in the hair. We’ve had so many requests for Neon Pastel hair color lately, and we want to share some of our favorite looks we’ve been creating as well as a few helpful hints for achieving and maintaining this endless summer look.

neon pastel hair

The most important factor in achieving Neon Pastel hair is…  you have to be very light blonde first in order for the color to show up. If you are already pale blonde, great! You just need to schedule an appointment for a “Gloss” with your favorite Lucy Pop stylist, bring a few insp. pics, and we’ll take it from there! If you aren’t already pale blonde, it may take 1 or more lightening sessions to get you light enough to achieve the best results. We recommend scheduling a consultation so we can create a plan of action that works with your time frame and budget.

 So, you’ve got the perfect shade of pink, peach, lavender, mint, etc.  Now what?

Pastel tones fade FAST. Usually after 4-6 shampoos they are gone. We’ve even seen extreme fadage after 1 shampoo. It all depends on how porous your hair is, how often you are shampooing, what you are shampooing with, and how much sun exposure your hair is getting.

We recommend using dry shampoo (our fave is Evo Water Killer) to extend the length of time between shampoos.

When you do shampoo, use cold water and a sulphate-free shampoo. Cold water doesn’t open your hair cuticle as much as warm or hot water does – this means less color pigments slip out. Sulphate-free shampoos (we love any of the Kevin Murphy Washes!) aren’t as harsh as regular sulphate based lathers. This helps the color pigments stay in the hair shaft during the shampoo process, and is just better for the health of your hair and scalp.

Have your stylist mix a custom Evo Fabuloso Pro Color Conditioner for you before you leave.  Use it in place of your regular conditoner to add pigment back to your hair each time you shampoo. It’s like color glazing your hair in your shower – and it will help your Neon Pastel (or any color for that matter) last as long as possible.

Stay. Out. Of. The. Sun.

The sun will fade your pastel hair in no time. Seriously. Wear a hat or a hair scarf if you are going to be outside, and be sure to tuck all your strands inside so they are protected.

Follow our Neon Pastel hair color tips and tricks for the best results, and ultimate longevity of your summer hair color, and check out our Instagram – @lucypopsalon for more rad summer hair color pics!

-content by Renae Morton