Color Me by Kevin Murphy is here!


Hair color is our passion at Lucy Pop Salon, and we are committed to bringing you the latest, greatest, and most amazing options when it comes to the products and tools we use to color your hair. So, of course it was a no brainer to bring on the the new Color  Me by Kevin Murphy hair color as soon as it launched. Our owner and elite stylist Renae is a Color Key educator for Kevin Murphy, and has extensive knowledge about this incredible new option for hair color. Read below as we pick her brain about what makes Color Me different, and why you should be requesting it at your next color service.

What makes Color Me by Kevin Murphy so different from other professional hair color brands?

Renae: It’s pretty simple – the ingredients. When Kevin Murphy was creating this new color, he put just as much emphasis on what was going into the tube of color as he did on the results you get from it. So he chose to make an ammonia free, PPD free color range with killer results. It’s made with a blend of “from the Earth” ingredients like honey, shea butter, pomegranate, rose hip oil, coconut oil, and aloe vera, and the results we are seeing are super shiny, healthy, and incredibly smooth. It’s like getting a treatment with your hair color.

What’s the big deal about Ammonia free and PPD free?

Renae: Ammonia is an alkaline chemical that is in all permanent hair color lines. It swells the cuticle layer of your hair so that your hair can be lightened and the dye molecules can penetrate.  It’s also what gives hair color that strong chemical smell. Ammonia can damage and dry out your hair, and irritate your scalp and skin. Color Me contains MEA instead of ammonia. With MEA we can get permanent hair color results without the damage and irritation from ammonia.

PPD is a chemical that is traditionally used in hair color to help the dye molecules develop. We are starting to see allergies and irritations develop in clients and colorists from exposure to PPD. Color Me does not contain PPD, so you get less irritation and your chances of developing a PPD allergy are eliminated.

Who can use Color Me by Kevin Murphy?

Renae: Anyone who wants to color their hair! I’ve completely transitioned all of my color clients to Color Me. We can lighten your hair, change tone, deepen your hair, and achieve 100% grey coverage with Color Me, just like we can with any other hair color line – and your hair will feel so smooth and have a super shiny finish. Not to mention you don’t experience the chemical smell during the process – Color Me actually smells really nice. All of our stylists have been trained in how to use Color Me, so you can schedule a color appointment with anyone at Lucy Pop and request the Color Me range.

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