Yo! What you got in that makeup kit?

On this week’s edition of “Yo! What you got in that bag?”, we take a peek into Lucy Pop Master Stylist Kayla Magallan’s bag – makeup bag to be specific. Kayla is known for her natural beauty look – accenting and highlighting her best features without looking like she’s wearing a ton of makeup. Read below to find her specific tips, tricks, and products for recreating a natural, glowy makeup look.
kayla magallan
makeup kit
1. NARS Contouring kit – This is a duo kit with a highlight shade and dark shade. I’ve just recently became obsessed with the art of contouring. I really love how smooth and natural this powder is. Also yes! to the appearance of a slim face and high cheek bones.
2. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette – This is my BAE for real. Comes with 6 matte/neutral shades. Perfect shades for brows and that soft natural eye. There’s just so many good things I can say about this palette.
3. Urban Decay Primer Potion– This is a must for all! No longer do you have to worry about your eyeshadow creasing or smearing.
4. Tresique Shadow Crayon– I mostly wear matte eyeshadow, but when I’m really wanting my eyes to “pop” I apply this to the corners of my eyes. Just the right amount of shimmer.
5. Fabuliner Eye Liner Pen– $3 at Walgreens. Best eyeliner I’ve used. #score
6. Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation– I’m definitely not a foundation type of girl but this is the perfect foundation for those who like a lightweight feel with great coverage. No stickiness/oiliness when it comes to this one.
7. Smashbox Blush in Passion– I have rosey cheeks naturally, but this shade is great for giving just a pinch of color.
8. NARS Eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte– Ok, so you’re probably wondering why I have a nude eyeliner. Well I’m about to change your life. Apply this to your bottom waterline and your eyes are going to look HUGE. By eliminating the redness it gives the illusion of a bigger eye. Doll eyes, check.
9. LIP SHADES– Kate Moss/Rimmel London #104 – This is just the perfect soft pink shade, great for glowing, summer skin.
                            NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London- My most favorite nude shade.
10. Liptiful– Not #kyliejennerchallenge. Safe lip plumping on those days I need just a little extra pout.
11. Pixie Apricot Glow– Great for highlighting and perfecting that dewy-glowy look.
12. BROWS ON FLEEK– Angle brush, flat brush and a concealer. I use an angel brush and shadow to fill in my brows. Then I go back underneath with the flat brush to highlight/perfect my brow line. You CAN have perfect brows.
Need a little help in the makeup department? Schedule an appointment with one of our makeup artists to learn a few tips and tricks first hand on how to create your best face everyday!