Wear your Greens – Eight Greens Skincare from Eminence Organics


Hey ladies – we’ve all been there – we’re adults, so why the hell are we still getting breakouts like we’re 13? Gah!

Well guess what – it’s because of our hormones. Mmmmhmmm. Those pesky hormones are causing “hormonal breakouts”, and they’re pretty tough to treat. If you use an anti-acne skincare line, it’s most likely formulated for teenage skin, and let’s face it, we’re not teenagers anymore and we shouldn’t be treating our skin like it is either. Now that we’re in our 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s we have to not only fight the hormonal breakouts, but also the early signs of aging and damage caused by the sun and inflammation. And a skincare line formulated for teeny boppers could cause more harm than good.


Well never fear, because Eminence Organics has just released an amazing new addition to their skincare brand – Eight Greens. The Eight Greens line consists of 2 different Eight Greens masques, an Eight Greens Youth Serum, and an Eight Greens Whip Moisturizer fromulated to fight hormonal breakouts and aging to keep your skin super balanced, clear, and youthful.


We’ve developed a new Eight Greens Organic Facial at Lucy Pop Salon to give you a professional kickstart to more balanced, youthful skin. Schedule an appointment online or by calling 615-327-3474. We also carry the full line of Eight Greens skincare to use at home – in full retail sizes, and in a nifty “Starter Kit” with everything you need that last about 3 months.  Now there’s no reason to deal with breakouts when you’re an adult!