How to grow out a pixie, crop, or lob gracefully

Some of the biggest hair trends this spring and summer involved a lot of hair chopping. Lobs, bobs, cropped cuts and even the oh-so cute Michelle Williams haircut. We love all these cuts, but what about if you’re ready to grow out your hair?

Let’s be real, growing out a shorter hairstyle can be a real pain in the ass. Especially for those of you growing out a pixie cut. It takes time, dedication, and sometimes a little cheating. And by cheating we mean extensions. Yes, extensions are not just for those with hair already past their shoulders. Sometimes extensions are great for adding a touch of length in those awkward stages of growing your hair out.
Most often when dealing with a short haircut grow-out, the front always takes longer than the back. Solution? Hot Head Extensions offers a mini pack of hair (12 pieces) which is just enough to give your hair that extra help it needs. We call it a “Haircut Adjustment Service”, and the cost of hair + installation ranges from $240-$350 depending on your final hair goal and thickness of your hair. A Haircut Adjustment Service can change your life when you are in the most awkward stages of growing out a short haircut.
Here’s some of our favorite celebs growing out their cropped cuts…
Both of these examples show a pixie starting point. The middle images show the ideal stage to do a Haircut Adjustment Service. When extensions are added at this stage, you would obtain and end result like the 3rd images in less than an hour Рinstead of 3+ more months of growing.  Pretty amazing, right?
So, remember – when growing out a short haircut, don’t be afraid to cheat! Book a Haircut Adjustment Service using Hot Heads Extensions, and save yourself months of bad hair days.
-content by Kayla Magallan