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BABES!  We gotta talk.

If you’re here for skincare like I am, you already know that Korean Beauty is the industry’s current “BIG THING.”  So let’s discuss Lucy Pop’s latest offerings in Korean Beauty, because you’re going to LOVE THEM!

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MINERAL PEEL FACE // I can basically promise you don’t have anything like this in your arsenal. MPF is a gentle, spray-on exfoliant – you can literally feel the dead skin coming off of your face (kinda gross, whatever)! This treatment instantly gives you VERY smooth skin immediately, making it an incredible tool for makeup artists, but it also smooths and softens skin over time. MUST HAVE, YOU GUYS.     $44

OXYGEN CLEANSER // tbh, I have not used a better facial cleanser than this one (and I’ve tried a lot of cleansers okay?). This gel, once applied to the face, transforms into a mousse that gently (but very effectively) deep cleans your skin and tightens pores. It contains collagen agents that noticeably plump the skin and create a more youthful appearance over time.  I am 100 years old and I look 17 because of this cleanser and you will too (disclaimer: maybe)!     $44

MINERAL PEEL BODY // Just like the face peel but for your body!! Some exfoliants can be very harsh and damage or unnecessarily scratch the skin, but MPB is all-natural and super gentle. All you do is spray the desired area and wait for, literally, five seconds before you rub your dead skin right off! Really upped my pedicures by like 100%.     $44

CHARCOAL DETOX BAR // I’ll admit that I was decidedly NOT here for bar soap, but I hadn’t tried this little baby yet. Added to a loofah, you can work this into a super rich lather that smells fresh, but not too strong (she comes in Ginger or Lemongrass). After rinsing, your bod is squeaky clean but your skin isn’t too dry or too tight.     $14

We will be obsessing over and demonstrating all of these products at the Launch Party for Beauty Pop at Lucy Pop on July 8th from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.  Come have a drink with me!!
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