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Teen Vogue is one of our favorite magazines. Yes, we know we are adults, but the content is just so fresh and inspiring we can’t help ourselves. So we are completely stoked to be the only Nashville salon mentioned in the Teen Vogue Ultimate Beauty Guide as one of the best salons in the country! Thanks Teen Vogue – we love you!

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Yo! What you got in that bag?

On this week’s edition of “Yo! What you got in that bag?” we are featuring the purse of our ever so talented client Ellie Caudill.

Ellie Caudill

Ellie is a, Lucy Popper, local artist (you’ve seen her wall murals at the new Dino’s, right?) and East Nashvillian spills her bag, letting us in on her favorites must-haves. Let’s see what this babe likes to carry around…

ellie's bag

1. NARS Illuminating blush in Orgasm– Get that summer glow in check.

2. Lush Bubblegum lip scrub– extra soft/kissable lips.

3. Wallet with handmade lighter key chain- Mind of Sent from my iPhone

4. Uva-Ursi Essential oils– Great essential oil with many health benefits.

5. NARS red lipstick, because everyone needs a great red lip sometimes

6. SNACKS– Kiwi is a delicious snack packed with lots of vitamin C.

7. Candy!

8. Palo Santo incense– Aka “holy wood”, helps keep the positive vibes and can also keep away those pesky Tennessee Mosquitos!

9. Benefit Brow Gel– Keep those eyebrows in check!

10. Benefit High Brow– great for illuminating and contouring. Ellie loves it for highlighting the inner corner of her eyes.

11. Great Lash Mascara– classic.

-content by Kayla Magellan

Lucy Pop Hair Salon in Nashville TN

Hilights vs Balayage vs Sombre

So we’ve been listening to you all and hearing your questions, and one that gets mentioned at least every day is “What’s the difference between a “hi-light”, “balayage” and “sombre?” Let’s get to the basics so we can help you on all of your hair quests.
A hilight is a technique in which foils are used to create a more dramatic, consistent blonde from the roots all the way to the ends. The foils are stacked vertically and horizontally in packages to allow the heat from the scalp to help lift the hair. Think of foils as conductors of heat; meaning a more intense and brighter blonde. This foiling technique is great for platinum blondes or anyone who wants a more all-over blonde. Maintenance is recommended at 6 weeks.
color by Bethany
color by Bethany


Balayage is a free hand, hair painting hilight technique in which no foils are used. The lightener is diffused at the roots and saturated at the ends, creating a more natural “sun kissed” look. Balayage is great for virgin hair, clients looking for less maintenance, or someone wanting to add some dimension to their locks. Recommended 10-12 weeks between salon visits, but still looks great as it grows out. #roots

balayage by Renae
balayage by Renae
balayage by Kelsey
balayage by Kelsey



Sombre is a little more intense version of balayage, same concept of hand painted highlights but the outcome is more dramatic. Sombre typically involves a color melt between 3 colors that start from a darker shade and fade all the way down to lighter ends. Sombre is an updated version of ombré, so just think of Sombre as a softer version of ombré. This is a great technique for all hair colors.

Maintenance is recommended every 8-10 weeks but also still looks great as it grows out.
sombre by Kayla
sombre by Kayla
sombre by Jamie
sombre by Jamie


-content by Kayla Magallan

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How to get the look: EDM Kid


When your dancing the night away to EDM at you favorite outdoor music festival,  you need fashion and functionality with your hair.  Here’s a simple little hairstyle step-by-step that is perfect after a day of traveling between stages in the summer heat. All you need are a handful of small elastic ponytail holders and a rattail comb for parting. So gather up your tools and let’s get started.

Step 1.  Section hair in half straight down the middle from your hairline to your nape to create a left side and a right side.


Step 2. Starting with your left side, create a diagonal parting from your hairline  (about 1″ away from your center part) to the top of your head. This will create a small triangle section at the front of your hairline. Secure this section with an elastic.


Step 3.  On the same side, continue taking 1″ diagonal partings from your hairline to your center part, adding the tail from the previous section to each new section and securing with an elastic.


Step 4.  Work your way down to the bottom of the left side – the last section should be secured at the bottom of your occipital bone (the ridge at the base of your skull) – then repeat steps 2-4 on your right side.


Step 5.  Fan out the hair in between each  section by gently pulling it apart to create a “bubble effect” between the elastic bands.  Gather the loose ponytail ends from the left and right sections together and secure with an elastic 1/2 way to the very ends.  Grab the remaining tail, fold it under at the nape and secure with 1 bobby pin.


Now, head off into the night with your glowsticks and dance, dance, dance! edmkidfinal

So, you wanna be a blonde…

Spring is in full bloom, and with summer right around the corner
comes everyone’s dream of being blonde. And let’s be real, we can’t
achieve platinum blonde like Kim K in one session. So Lucy Pop is
going to fill you in on how to be blonde!

Haircolor by Chase
Haircolor by Chase
This is the first and absolutely most important step for blondes. What does
lightening the hair do? It breaks down hydrogen bonds, which causes breakage,
lackluster hair, split ends, dryness; basically your hair’s worst nightmare. Add-on
an Olaplex treatment each salon visit to keep that hair healthy, because who wants
blonde hair if it doesn’t look and feel good? NO ONE
Be prepared to see your colorist at least 3 times (depending on how light you’re
wanting to go and current hair color) in order to achieve your final #hairgoals.
We all know blonde doesn’t happen overnight, so be prepared for those awkward, in-between stages. Don’t be discouraged, you will get there eventually! Let’s make a game plan of what we want to achieve each visit. This will set us up for realistic results and you’ll be on your way to blonde in no time!
blonding stages
Realistic stages of lightening
Great blonde hair isn’t just great by itself. It needs lots of love and only the best products.
Olaplex No. 3 – this is a no brainer when it comes to being blonde. When you think
“olaplex” think “new hair”.  Olaplex No.3 is a weekly at-home treatment that is essential for anyone who wants healthy blonde hair.
Olaplex no. 3
Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash & Rinse – keep those brassy, yellow tones out of
the hair with this violet shampoo and rinse duo.
blonde angel
Kevin Murphy Young Again Treatment Oil – This product’s main ingredient is immortelle oil which helps with aging and damage to hair. It keeps hair conditioned, hydrated, and adds shine! Think of this as a face lift for your hair.
kevin murphy young again
-content by Kayla Magallan
-hair in main image by Chase
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