Yo! What you got in that bag?

Boys have life essentials that they need to carry with them, too.  So this week’s edition of “Yo! What you got in that bag?” spotlights the fabulous bag of our very dear Director of Operations – Matthew.  It’s full of everything that everybody needs…


matthew's bag

1) Bag // Deux Lux. I saw it on a client first and it reminded me of Bottega Veneta. She told me it was from Off 5th & I bought it immediately (thanks Courtney!)

 2) Wallet // Betsey Johnson – I also have the matching weekender… duh.
3) Tiny Mirror – I take every opportunity to stop and have a beauty moment.4) Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil – THAT’S BAE.

5) LIP BALM(s) – some people do not use lip balm – they live in a very different world than I do. My favorite in this bunch is Lavender from Whole Body.

6) Rhoto Eye Drops – a makeup artist that worked with Lindsay Lohan said LL could be out all night and these drops made her look like she got a full eight hours.  SOLD
7) Dental Care – just because I’M in a party phase doesn’t mean my teeth have to be.
8) SNACK – usually candy but today its granola 🙁

9) Reading Material – KATE MOSS FOREVER.

10) MUSIC – @itsmatthewdavis on Spotify (AND TWITTER!)

11) Eminence Lime Tonique – facial mists are just f#cking REFRESHING, okay?
12) EVO Builder’s Paradise – HAIR ON FLEEK
13) Eminence Neroli Eye Serum & Potent C+E Serum – SKIN ON FLEEK

How to get the look: Indie Princess

Music festival season is in full swing with Hang Out Fest is right around the corner and Bonnaroo close behind.  Have you thought about what you are going to do with your hair while you’re checking out all your favorite bands (and maybe a few you haven’t heard of)?

Well – we’ve got you covered with a series of how-to’s for easy to achieve looks that are inspired by all the different music genres you can catch at any festival.

First up, we have “Indie Princess”. This look is perfect for day 1 of any festival. You know… the first day when your hair is still clean, and your most recent shower was within the last 24 hours.


All you need to achieve this look is Evo Cassius Clay, Evo Salty Dog,  and a diffuser attachment for your blowdryer.  So gather your tools, and let’s get started….

Step 1. Apply a dime size amount of Evo Cassius Clay to damp hair. This is a clay based product that is going to give your hair texture and chunkiness. Be sure to emulsify the product in your hands before applying to your hair, and then work it through your mid-lengths and ends only.

evo cassius clay

Step 2. With your hair parted in the direction you want to wear it (we suggest a deep side part for this look), twist 1″-2″ sections of hair in a random pattern all over your head, and then spray with Evo Salty Dog. The twists will help form textured waves with a random pattern – we don’t want it looking too “done”, and the Salty Dog is going to give your waves a beachy, matte texture.

Evo Salty Dog

Step 3. Diffuse your hair on high heat / low speed until it is about 90% dry.


Step 4. You’re finished! Now you have fun, matte, textured waves and you’re ready for a day of checking out cute boys in bands.

indie princess


Modification: It’s easy to build on this look and create a half-up top knot, too. Simply section your dry hair from temple to temple and twist up into a bun. Secure with one or two bobby pins, and your hair is out your face (and still super cute).

half up top knothalf up top knot



Yo! What you got in that bag?

Our purses carry our basic life essentials – you know, the things you have to have with you at every moment. So, in honor of “the bag” we are doing a series of posts outlining the contents of what some of the Lucy Pop team and lovelies are toting around with them on a day to day basis. First up….
Owner and Lucy Pop bad-ass Renae shares with us some of her favorite, everyday necessities.
what's in your bag?
1. Sunglasses – Vintage, duh.


2. Notebook – Her best friend, and she has multiples! Jot down ideas, important dates, doodles, etc. You can never go wrong with having a notepad.

3. Staedtler Triplus fine liner pen – Because good pens are very important.

4. Tiny Scissors – Multiple uses. Bang trim, check. Stab a potential mugger, check.

5. Kevin Murphy Touch of Hydration Lotion – Get it during the holidays and stay hydrated during those dry winter months!

6. Chia Bar – SNACKS! Fuel your body with Omega-3, fiber, and protein.

7. Weleda Everon Lip Balm – moisturize those smoochers with this all natural lip balm.

8. Urban Decay 24/7 lip liner in Siren – Cruelty free, and the name says it all.

9. Mac Cream Blush in Virgin Isles – Can also be used as the perfect summer punch lip shade.  Hmm…

10. Altoids – Have one, or five.

11. Violet Novella perfume – Soooo yummy!

Add a cute little fringe bag and there ya go! Who says you can’t carry your life in a bag?

-content by Kayla Magallan

DIY vegan & cruelty-free skincare wipes

Are you a girl on-the-go and find it hard to make time to pamper yourself?
We all do, and that’s why here at Lucy Pop we are super pumped on the
newest product from Eminence, the Rice Milk Cleanser! This 3 in 1 cleansing
water has us all obsessed. Not only does it cleanse, tone, and remove makeup, but
it leaves the skin glowing and looking like porcelain. Who doesn’t want that?

Available at Lucy Pop Salon - $42
Available at Lucy Pop Salon – $42

Main Ingredients & Key Benefits:

* Rice Milk- moisturizes, brightens skin, and minimizes the appearance of pores.

* Pomelo Juice- rich in vitamins and antioxidants, age minimizer, and increases the production   of collagen. (um, yes please!)

* Witch Hazel-  anti-inflammatory and reduces look of inflammation. Redness begone!

Ready for the easy part?

This will take less than five minutes, and here’s what you’ll need…
-Eminence Rice Milk Cleanser
-zip-lock bags
-cotton rounds

Slightly dampen your cotton rounds; you can do however many you want. You want to make sure they are not sopping wet as to remember water is only going to dilute the Rice Milk Cleanser.

Once you have damped your cotton rounds, you will want to apply about 4-5 drops of your Rice Milk Cleanser to each pad.

After applying Rice Milk cleanser, put your cleansing and pads into a zip lock bag. And voilà! You have your own cleansing pads ready-to-go!

*These DIY cleansing pads are vegan & cruelty-free (because we don’t believe in hurting animals for beauty routines) AND are essential back pack items for music festivals (hello – Bonnaroo!)

-content by Kayla Magellan

InstaHair #lucypopped

Facebook who? Instagram is our favorite BFF and we aren’t going to quit it.

 Be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the latest hair, makeup, inspiration, and beauty tips. And tag your Lucy Pop pics with #lucypopped – we love to see you represent your fab hair selfies (and you never know when we might regram your shots!)

Here’s a peek at some of the latest work from the Lucy Pop team  –

Haircolor by @kaylita_marie
Haircolor by @kaylita_marie
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Haircolor by @renaepop
Haircolor by @renaepop


Haircolor by @jamiefeliz
Haircolor by @jamiefeliz


Haircolor by @bethanyoparks
Haircolor by @bethanyoparks


Haircolor by @kelseylynnwo
Haircolor by @kelseylynnwo


Haircolor by @jessciachaseb
Haircolor by @jessciachaseb